Regulators and governments

Governments and regulators should be growing finance for clean energy.

Right now, people are living in strife and struggle because of intersecting crisis: with ongoing war, increases in cost of living, ongoing climate disaster, and more stressors. Governments and the regulators they work with have a responsibility to intervene and support all of us. This means they need to put more money into our communities through clean energy policies so we can have access to cheap, clean energy that lowers electricity bills; safe and efficient homes, schools, and buildings; good union jobs in growing clean energy sectors; and more. There are numerous countries and communities around the world where governments have passed financial policy that should help all of us. If they exist where you are, more folks need to access and take advantage of these policies — and no matter where you are, we need to demand more. Alongside this, governments and regulators need to hold companies responsible for their fossil fuel investments and force them to put more funding into our communities and clean energy. Numerous corporations and financial institutions are claiming they’re investing in a sustainable future, but they’re simply not. This greenwashing can be best addressed through government regulation and enforcement. Governments and regulators are responsible to all of us, and it’s time they did what we all need.

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