Rassemblement militant pour le climat

Grow Finance and Policies for Clean Energy

Force finance into our communities and win policies to support all of us

Banks, private equity firms, insurance companies, development banks, governments, and other big financial players should be taking money out of fossil fuel projects hurting our communities and instead investing in clean energy finance — directly providing funding for renewable energy projects, like wind and solar. These financial players should be directly supporting and financing a just transition, which will be good for their bottomline, but more importantly, it’d be good for our communities. Around the world, public and public financial institutions are increasing their investments in clean energy, with packages and policies like the Inflation Reduction ActRePowerEU, and other governmental programs. But, we need more of these types of policies and packages, and to achieve that, we need to win more funding from private and public institutions. We’re fighting for finance into cheaper electricity bills, energy efficient appliances, solar panels on schools and homes, community owned solar and wind projects, and good union jobs through a just transition.

Big finance is funding fossil fuels -- but should be financing our renewable future.

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