Money is the oxygen on which the climate crisis burns. But following the money helps us win. Banks, insurance companies, and other big financial players are financing endless fossil fuel growth, creating more climate disasters and impacting millions of people a year. These big finance firms are also why so many can’t afford homes, get medical treatment, or struggle to keep their lights on. And they whisper in the ears of the government and media, influencing politics and policy, and slowing the energy transition we so desperately need. But around the world, organisers are running strategic campaigns to take on these big players, and the goverrnments and regulators that let them finance fossil fuels instead of investing in our communities and countries. And we’re starting to see some wins.

The Finance Action Organisers Network connects and supports this powerful and growing people powered movement. Designed to build the power of social movements, the Network supports local hubs of organisations and groups to take action together, with a focus on building power in key financial centers, but with tools and connections open to all. Together, we can connect our important fights and targets together locally and with the growing global movement, supporting collaboration and growing our power around the world, helping organisers share and develop our skills, build and strengthen our solidarity and fights, and win bigger and better together.

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