Climate activism rally

Money is the oxygen on which the climate crisis burns.

But following the money and shifting where it's going is how we'll win.

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How we'll win:

Around the world, people-powered movements are running strategic campaigns to take on financial players -- like banks, investors, and insurance companies -- to force them to shift their money out of fossil fuels and instead put it in our communities. We're demanding that big finance players and governments invest in policies and packages to ensure lower energy bills; homes and businesses fueled by renewables; upgraded and efficient buildings; and so much more that our families need. And we're rewriting the rules of the financial system to do so. Together, we'll forcing finance out of fossil fuels and into a just, clean future.


Global campaigns by communities targeting financial institutions


People who have been part of actions, mobilizations and campaigns


Divested from oil, gas, and coal


Renewable energy future we're fighting for

Big finance is funding fossil fuels -- but should be financing our renewable future.

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Together, we're extinguishing the fire

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming. But cutting off the money supply is a powerful tool for change. Across the world, activists, groups, and social movements are organising to hold finance giants to account.

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