Climate activism rally

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Finance Action Organisers Network

Designed to build the power of social movements and scale leadership around the world, the Finance Action Organisers Network supports networks, organisations, and groups to take on campaigns to shift finance out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

Why shift finance?

Finance is key to how fossil fuel projects get started -- you can't build a gas plant without funding from a bank or private equity firm, alongside active insurance. Stopping financial players from investing in fossil fuels is a lever to stop the growth of coal, oil, and gas. And shifting this investment into clean energy is how we can grow renewable energy across the world, especially for communities struggling the most with energy access and cost of living.

Climate activism rally

Together, we're extinguishing the fire

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming. But cutting off the money supply is a powerful tool for change. Across the world, activists, groups, and social movements are organising to hold finance giants to account.

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