Climate activism rally

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Finance Action Organisers Network

Designed to build the power of social movements, the Finance Action Organisers Network supports local hubs of organisations and groups to take action together, with a focus on building power in key financial centers, but with tools and connections open to all.

We aim to connect our important fights and targets together locally and with the growing global movement — supporting collaboration and growing our power around the world — while helping organisers share and develop our skills, build and strengthen our solidarity and fights, and win bigger and better together.

What is a Finance Action hub?

A hub is a network of local organisations, activists, grassroots groups and individuals who are coming together to take action against big finance at the harms they’re creating in our communities, demanding they divest from fossil fuels and invest in all of us. Finance Action builds power deeply in financial centers, like New York, Sydney, London and others, but also has tools, trainings and events available on our site here for anyone in the world to take part in. After all, it’s going to take all of us to win.

Climate activism rally

Together, we're extinguishing the fire

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming. But cutting off the money supply is a powerful tool for change. Across the world, activists, groups, and social movements are organising to hold finance giants to account.

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