Clean Energy Finance Campaigns: Summer 2024 IRA Pathways Cohort

Application Link: Due April 19 at 5pm EST 


Clean Energy Finance Campaigns: Summer 2024 IRA Pathways Cohort


There’s been a lot of discussion about “Inflation Reduction Act implementation campaigns,” but how do they actually work? And how can organizations that build a base around housing, labor, economic and climate justice issues plug in? In this five-week program, which alternates between Zoom classroom sessions and one-on-one campaign navigation support for your organization, you’ll have the opportunity to walk away with a draft “campaign in a box,” including a rap to test with your base, an issue cut and possible demands, and a villain to go after that aligns with your existing campaign narratives. You’ll get support to fill out a campaign planning template and follow-up navigation support as needed.


You’ll get an overview of a power-building orientation to the IRA’s clean finance:


And support for translating those into specific campaigns:

  • Campaign for a new community center by saving $500,000 on your city’s energy bills after installing solar panels
  • Campaign for a new public park for the county by using energy efficiency upgrades of public buildings to save $1.2 million on energy bills
  • Campaign to get all 58,000 LMI families in your county the average of $10,598 in electrification rebates, by ensuring the local government hires a coordinator (or a nonprofit to coordinate) door-to-door outreach programs


This application is due April 19. You’ll be notified if you’ve been selected by April 22.


Depending on interest, this program might be offered again in 2024, if your organization can’t make the full commitment at this time.


Cohort Schedule

          • April 30, 2-4pm EST (Group Workshop): How to Build Power with IRA “Lanes”: Campaigns to move municipalities, school districts, state agencies, or state legislators
          • Week 2 (One-on-One Meeting): “Campaign Sketching” – Individualized support for identifying a possible demand, target and campaign narrative for the audience or member base you want to activate
          • May 14, 2-4pm EST: “Disrupting the Status Quo” – How to make our IRA-related demands feel urgent for our base and our targets (ie, city council, State Energy Office, school board)
          • Week 4 (One-on-One Meeting): “Campaign Sketching” – Support answering final targeting questions, sketching out a member rap, finalizing draft campaign plan
          • May 28, 2-4pm EST: “Pitching” Our Campaign Drafts – An opportunity to get feedback from other organizers on campaign “first drafts”