Sunrise Organising Lab Organisational Development Support

Your friendly SOL team is committed to helping partners, peers, and the climate finance movement with scale, strategy, and support to achieve our shared goals. We aim to help our partners to expand, develop, and achieve their internal and external vision for the world and their group or formation. So, as part of the many things we do, we offer the following types of organisational development support for networks and groups: 

For NGOs, groups, and new formations: 

  • Building your group and expanding your organisation
  • Admin and operational infrastructure
  • Connection to consultants & groups that can support with ongoing growth & scale (eg hiring, staffing, planning, budgeting,  IT & tech consultations, digital tool recommendations, JEDI)

Because most of our work is in networks, we provide consultations & workshops for networks & network leaders on

  • Ecosystem mapping 
  • Conflict transformation 
  • Building sustainable networks 
  • Developing campaign arcs & connecting across financial institutions 
  • Bringing in new partners & connecting finance targets to local issues
  • Debriefing and assessing campaigns & developing strategic plans collaboratively  
  • Individual or group coaching; connections to others experiencing similar issues

We also offer special programs, workshops and trainings for organising and mobilising groups through the Finance Action Organisers Network. This includes: 

Workshops, skill-ups & consultations on organising & action needs, including: 

  • Absorption of pay & determining of pay structures
  • Absorption of activists & building ladders of engagement & membership structures 
  • Campaign planning skill-up / bootcamp 
  • Team structure road map support
  • Connecting your base to climate finance & developing an organising & campaign plan 
  • Action design & post-action absorption 
  • Narrative strategy across finance institutions & community  
  • Individual or group coaching; connections to others experiencing similar issues 
  • Any of the supports offered above for NGOs and groups but tailored to base building and action groups 

And we offer trainings tailored for your group or network, including programs on:

  • Finance institutions & fossil finance
    • How financial institutions are involved in fossil finance
    • How are finance institutions are connected to each other
    • Specific opportunities to target fossil finance in various communities 
  • Actions & Organizing
    • How to build your group 
    • How to remix your tactics 
    • How to teach or have 1:1 meetings 
    • From mobilisation to organising
    • Developing effective campaigns 
  • And any of the many skills on this website, including global community of practice 2023 trainings 

Sunrise Organising Lab is limited in capacity and prioritises groups based on a number of different factors. In the first instance, if you are working with a partner who needs organisational development support, reach out to Deepa

And in the meantime, feel free to share our digital & distributed opportunities anyone can be part of:

  • Resources and trainings on this website 
  • Capacity for groups to share their skills, needs or actions in the calls or newsletter by reaching out to the Finance Action team.